Cats & Skulls, eh?

Cats & Skulls, eh?

There are many female writers out there that hate Stephanie Meyer, and I can see why, but I admire her. Why? Not because of her fabulous writing skills, oh no. But because she was able to take a really crappy story with bland, uninteresting characters, and turn it into a billion dollar empire! That could’ve been me!

I’ve been writing stories since I could write. When I was five, I wrote epic tales about Sally, the Cat on Roller Skates. As I matured to the ripe old age of ten, my writing had taken a darker turn. Murder mysteries! Secret societies! Evil rings! People getting shoved off cliffs! Oh, the drama! It was in that time I developed the story that planted the seeds for my magnum opus, The Talented, about a group of teenagers with weird powers, and of course, a complicated love triangle! If only I had finished it fifteen years ago! I could’ve been a millionaire. Like Bella, Kella (yes, fucking seriously her name’s been Kella since 1997) was an awkward girl kind of bumbling after the hot loner guy, but unlike Bella, Kella’s got a serious mean streak and the hot loner guy is never presented as the good guy (because he’s not).

Will I ever finish this novel? Let’s be serious, it’s been 23 years. Probably not. But I still love to write. And what better way to harness my writing prowess than to put it forth into blog form, and maybe, just maybe, even make a little money off of it. One can dream.

So why Cats & Skulls?

I love cats. I’ve always had an affinity for them. I’m a cat person. I like cat things. I used to go around meowing and batting at people when I was younger (still do when I drink). My husband claims I’ve turned our children into cats; the older one meows and the younger one likes to sit in boxes. Skulls I also just really like. I consider myself Gothic. Not really the corset and chains kind of gothic (not anymore, at least), but I like to wear things with skulls on them and I tend to keep to the darker color palette. I also like darker things in general. You know, the usual crap; Tim Burton Movies, The Addams Family, Evanescence, Nightwish, Hello Kitty, anime, the color black. I’m a pretty typical gothy kind of girl.

I played with a few different names; Goth Mom, Morbid Curiosities, Cradle to Coffin, and one day Cats & Skulls just popped into my head. That was my a-ha moment, if you will. Cats & Skulls was the one. It sums me up perfectly.

What can you expect?

My only experience with blog posts in the past has been pretty much limited to snarky recaps. I’m a rather snarky person so expect snark in general. I’m not Christian, I say bad words, I love HGTV, and I have two young daughters. So expect home improvements! DIY ideas! Things about kids! Things about cats! Things about being Gothic! Hell, a snarky recap might even worm its way in there. There are no rules! I never get enough sleep, I drink too much coffee, and I always think I’m just this close to going insane. Will you join me for the ride?

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